Alchemy in selling


FOR BEGINNER Sellers: Passion is everything. Passion is the juice you must have to turn others on, without it you can’t sell well. With it, you can create magic.

This week I was reminded of this energy. It was when I interviewed two incredibly passionate businesswomen who infused their products and customers with love. They were lit up. Although their journeys were slightly different their belief systems and how they approach their work, world and life were so similar it was freaky.

Speaking with Niki Price, co- founder of Inner-Eco-Probiotic Kefir Zhena Muzyka of Gypsy Tea check my passion meter. Yes, I’ve got it but I don’t always shine it. Sometimes I think I have to be more buttoned up and if I haven’t managed my stress levels my passion is zapped. Being with them was a wake up call. I love the effect my passion has on others and on me. I vow to shine it more. Will you?

Both in their own way reiterated how Face-to-face connections are critical. Human connections will always put you over the top. Alchemy happens when we touch hearts and minds, nothing is a substitute for face time. You need to get out in the field more and out of your comfort zone and share you thing and things will happen.

FOR ESTABLISHED SELLERS: How can you restart your passion or fan it? One little trick is to use beginners mind. Look at your products, services and customers with new eyes. How can you start anew?

MY ITALIAN STREETWISE BOSS WAS A GENIUS and he said: “ Give me a passionate person and the rest will fall into place,” It’s the one thing that isn’t teachable. Gallo told me he hired on instincts and gambled on the applicants’ juice. He asked: 1) Are they hungry? 2) Do they have passion? If the had it they’d find a way to succeed.

When you head out into the world to share your wares don’t forget your Passion + Preparation.

Oprah said it well: “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Go out and light someone up.


Gain Sales Esteem by Avoiding 2 Common Sales Insecurities


There are two common missteps that make you lose sales and they are easy to fix once you see the whole picture.

1)    Over talking. (Too much information)

2)    Over comforting people.

Overtalking undermines your good intentions and dilutes your message. Since too much of anything is no good the same goes for lots of explaining. The longer you go the greater the odds for losing them. You think you are being thorough and you might not realize that you are shooting yourself in the foot. Be careful, we ladies are talkers; we say 3x more words per day on average than men. This is good and bad.

We are expressive and make awesome teachers and presenters. Sometimes we get carried away with details and features and skip over what matters to them. Rx. Keep it emotional and factual—short and sweet—let them know what’s the gain?

Tip: A cop once told me how he was trained to handle domestic violence calls. He said what he learned worked on the job and in real life and I never forgot it. Don’t start off super strong because you can’t easily back off. However, you can always ramp up. You can share more information if you are asked for it but you can’t take back what you have already spilled.


Over comforting is another deal breaker. Over coddle and you take away the need for a customer to take action. Some empathy is good but too much is counter productive. Since you are empathetic, compassionate and caring it makes you credible, trustworthy and nice to do business with. When it hurts you is when you’ve made a persuasive and strong presentation that strikes a chord and you become uncomfortable and you rush to comfort them. If they pause and verbalize hesitation you don’t need to run to their aid—know that smart people talk out loud and be patient for a few beats.

Avoid a patronizing “Ahhh, I am so sorry…” followed by, “ You don’t really need this.” Or, “You can do it yourself.” That might be true. If you feel it’s mean not to comfort them or that you are being manipulative by illuminating a sore spot—STOP— it’s not. Rx. It’s not for you to decide if they need something or can or can’t do it themselves or afford it. You can help them by selling your product or service and delivering them what you promised.

Tip: If comforting people is what you enjoy doing let me reframe it for you. You can comfort people by making things easy for them, by simplifying their life, their condition, and their situation and demonstrating the transformation they will experience you are half way home. The more comfortable you are with your emotions the more comfy you will be with theirs. Practice sitting with discomfort and watch how things change when you hold your tongue an extra beat.



Mental Hurdles


Last week my inner tyrant had a party and I fell under her spell. I was overtired. The day started off on the wrong foot. I woke up in a cold sweat after having a disturbing dream that I couldn’t shake. My mind kept asking why would I have a dream like that?

Wrong question. Why questions make me go in circles. I went down the rabbit hold for an hour or so. Until I decided to work it out on my yoga mat. Tending to my body, mind and spirit in class gave me a break mental masturbation. And I felt better.

Although not 100% I went to work. I added 30 names to my database, sent out a mailing, contacted a potential client, attended a mastermind meeting but I didn’t feel totally into it. Next, I went on line and spent more than an hour comparing myself to everyone and concluded they were better than me and it wore me out —I had lost control of my senses—again.

Sometimes a day of nuttiness just happens. I don’t choose to discipline myself to stop the insanity. However, instead of it lingering for weeks it shifts within 24 hours. I have tools that I can use to obtain some measure of self-mastery. Here’s the thing, when I am not taking good care of myself (overtired) I am susceptible to my inner tyrant. And we all know we shouldn’t believe the nonsense it throws at us. It’s free floating BS that runs through the collective consciousness.

Here’s what I know, I have to flex my mental muscles, I must reach out for support, it’s okay to be vulnerable, good healthy food gets my engine going, journaling and quiet contemplation starts my day off better than hitting the ground running. And even with this wisdom there are still days where it all changes and I don’t do what’s best for me. Emerson said something roughly like: show me a consistent person and I will show you someone who isn’t being authentic. Things change in our world and in our inner terrain everyday. Wise personal leadership requires that you outfox your operating system and install a new one. This one focuses on what I want, not what I don’t want, whom I wish to be around, on effortlessness, on self appreciation and self love and on enjoying more inspiration and less perspiration.

I like to tell myself that today I am not going to sweat it. I am where I should be, I am growing everyday, I may not be where I ultimately want to be, but I am further than I was. I am human and I appreciate myself.