Slow down and sell better


Overwhelmed, distracted and jacked up from electronic interruptions… how can we cope and focus on selling? How can we prioritize and know who to contact and when? We can’t discern well when we go at warp speed. Slowing down to the speed of thought is a big piece of selling it like a woman. It takes a little practice.

It’s yogic. The more active and yang you have been, the more you need to do a counter move deeper inside to reconnect with your wisdom and juice. At first, doing so will feel hard, pointless or even non productive. But it is in the slowing down, the non-doing, while painting, journaling or even walking slowly in nature that will connect you to your inner guidance or intuition. Often pooh-poohed, underrated and underutilized in the halls of big business, now, leading edge thinkers and companies recognize it as the well-spring for brilliance. It is when we go there that great out-of-the-box ideas come and our actions will be spot-on. Your inner GPS system can led you to the best clients, right things at the right moment and even crafting attractive offerings if you obey.

The more aware you become of your gut and sensations and trust and act on the information, inspiration and hunches you receive, the better everything will work out. Your guidance is strengthened when you pay attention to it. Taking action based on the feelings you receive enhances your abilities and when you see how reliable they are you can begin to relax more —because it is dependable — and dare I say, you will be happier and wealthier. You are wired with this incredible free resource.

If you are dismissing this as fluff, consider this: the top business people are hyper-aware of themselves and their surroundings, patterns and trends. They scan, discern, synthesize information and create something or change directions in a blink of an eye. (Check out how Malcolm Gladwell frames it in his book Blink.) They usually have a practice (outside of the office) that includes yoga, storytelling, sailing, dance or the arts — anything to drop out of their heads and refresh.

So, pay attention to your sensations; it is your gold. When you receive a hit and your head, gut or heart tells you “This is good,” or “This isn’t so good,” follow it and see what happens and where it takes you. It is not uncommon to have spent decades working from the neck up. If we can take a fraction of the time we’ve devoted to that and open up to another possibility, we will indeed add more tools to our tool belts. I prefer to think about is as expanding my range and being able to be in the moment and more responsive to anything a prospect will throw my way while staying deeply connected to myself, my integrity and up for the challenge of a sales conversation and winning their hearts and minds.